School visits

The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation offers free lessons to secondary schools in Norway. The aim is to raise awareness about organ donation among young people. In the curriculum for biology it says among other things that the pupil shall “discuss issues concerning organ donation and medical criterion for death”.

Organ donation is an important and interesting topic that engages young people, and can be discussed in a variety of disciplines such as biology, health, social sciences religion and ethics.

We can help with a unique opportunity to learn from and discuss with, a person who has a strong affiliation to organ donation. Tuition is completely free and consists of a factual part about organ donation, and a speaker giving their own story of organ donation.

Duration: about 75 min. Send us an e-mail to for registration or more information.

I would certainly recommend it to others because it was inspiring and informative and contained an important message that I think everyone should know a little about

Student, Oslo Handelsgym