Memorial gifts

No loss is as painful as losing a loved one. Amidst the meaningless it feels meaningful to help others. Many choose to give a gift to an organization or cause instead of/as well as sending flowers. We are grateful for your gift that continues our work.

You can give a gift in the following ways:

  • Create your own memory gift collection on You will then get a dedicated URL that you can share with others, write a bit about what you are doing and thank donors directly.
  • Give directly to us. Enter our account number 1503.43.20974 in the obituary. You may also use Vipps (number: 10740).
  • Gather in conjunction with the memorial service. Advise the funeral arranger that you want to give a gift to The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation and they will help you to collect the gift.

When we receive a gift of memory, we will insert a thank you advertisement in the local newspaper and send a thank you letter to the relatives where the gift size is specified. Thank you for your thoughts for others in times of difficulty!

Foto: Siv DolmenPhoto: Siv Dolmen

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