A partnership with The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation can strengthen your corporate reputation, create commitment amongst employees, save lives and improve the quality of lives. The topic of organ donation is associated with much good. It is about saving the lives of others. Over 80% of all Norwegians have said yes to organ donation. This positive attitude to organ donation is, in part, due to valuable efforts in raising awareness of the topic, which have built confidence through knowledge. These efforts are continuous with new ideas and projects developed regularly. However, it is unfortunate when so many good ideas for projects cannot be developed because our funds don’t stretch to it.

At the The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation we know that companies who choose to work with us will be noticed. Together we can create strong alliances and nurture positive values. We are a small organization with an important cause, and we have achieved good visibility in the public sphere. The topic of organ donation receives a great deal of attention in the Norwegian media. We currently operate one of the largest Facebook pages with over 250,000 enthusiastic supporters, and we have built up considerable knowledge about the use of social media.

A partnership with us can be achieved in different ways, for example:

  • Financial support
  • Distribution of donor cards
  • Joint campaigns
  • Provide a percentage of sales/turnover
  • Volunteer/Fundraising
  • Create participation in a sporting event or other event
  • Exchange of knowledge and services
  • Create awareness about organ donation in another way

Together we can save lives!

Contact Anniken Backe Lundgaard at 415 30 415 or