What is a donor card and a donor card app?

A donor card is a card that allows you to inform others of your standpoint on organ donation and confirms that you have informed your next-of-kin. In addition to your own name, you need to include the names and phone numbers of two family members or friends whom you have also informed.

The donor card can be kept in a wallet. This is a useful place to keep it, especially in the event of an accident as it helps health professionals swiftly establish the next-of-kin. The decision you make about organ donation isn’t registered anywhere. Organ donor cards can be found in the brochure ‘Organ donation – saves lives’, which are located in pharmacies and doctor surgeries. It can also be printed out from our website. Donor cards can also be downloaded via a smart phone app (iPhone, Android, and Windows phone). This works in the same way as the paper card, and can be downloaded from a respective app store. How to be a Donor