How does it work? A possible scenario

  • A person is exposed to an accident, thrombosis or cerebral haemorrhage.
  • Paramedics are called and the patient is transported to hospital. Paramedics are focused on savings lives – they’re not looking for donor cards.
  • Doctors at the hospital try to save the patient. Donation is not yet applicable.
  • Doctors see that the patient cannot be saved. Now, doctors begin to think about donation. This can occur a few hours to days after the accident. Normal procedure means that relatives are contacted in certain serious cases.
  • The patient dies but circulation to organs is maintained with a respirator.
  • The donor doctor asks relatives if they know what of the deceased thoughts towards organ donation, the donor card may also help them. The wishes of the deceased will apply.
  • The donor team from Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital (OUS) will be contacted and will retrieve the organ(s).
  • Transplantation is conducted at the transplant hospitals in Norway: Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital (OUS). Up to seven people can be saved from one instance such as this.
  • After donation is complete, a normal funeral can be carried out.