How do I ensure that I donate?

It is your decision that counts. Your next-of-kin should be able to confirm your decision. You should make sure that you tell your next-of-kin about your thoughts on organ donation, so that they don’t have to make this decision on your behalf. You should also fill out a donor card. Organ donor cards can be found in the brochure ‘Organ Donation – saves lives’, which are located in pharmacies and doctor surgeries. You can also download the app ‘Donor Card’ to your smart phone (iPhone, Android, and Windows phone).

On the donor card you should include the names of two family members or friends who you have informed about your standpoint on organ donation. In the smart phone app, you can add the two names directly from your phone contacts, and they will automatically receive an SMS when you have registered. The donor card can also be printed out. The donor card can be found here.