Can the relatives meet the person who received the donated organs?

No. Both the donor and recipient are entitled to full anonymity. However, the relatives will be able to obtain information on which organs were used and whether or not the transplant was successful, and in some cases find out about the gender and age.

The reason that anonymity is essential is because the relationship between the receiver and the donor families can lead to difficult situations, several examples of which have been reported in other countries. Families may have different motivations: receivers often have a desire to express gratitude and continue their lives, while the donor’s next-of-kin may want to build a life-long relationship with the receipt as consolation for their loss. This can be a huge psychological burden for both parties.

For this reason, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet and The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation recommends that information about the exact time of the transplant or details of donation is not given to relatives of organ donors. Details of the year and season can be provided.