Questions and answers about organ donation

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What do people in Norway think about donation and transplants?

A recent survey, commissioned by The Norwegian Foundation for Organ donation, shows that 74 percent of the Norwegian population is positive to donating their organs after their death. Only four percent are against, while 22 percent have not decided yet. In general, more women than men have taken a stand on organ donation. The trend is that a growing number say yes, and the topic is gaining more media coverage. Organ donation is today an important issue that engages many Norwegians.

Source: Ipsos MMI webbuss week 37, 2015 ; 539 interviews (18 years+)


Religious beliefs about organ donation

The main world religions and most religious communities are positive to organ donation or at least allow it under certain conditions. Many religions consider it an expression of charity. Other religions have no stance and leave it up to the individual to decide. But in all religions there are groups and individuals who are for or against organ donation.