Be an organ donor

Speak with the people closest to you

It is important that you tell the people closest to you that you would like to be an organ donor, so that they know what you want and they don’t have to make the decision on your behalf. The people ‘closest’ to you can be family members, friends, colleagues, your doctor and your neighbour.

Fill out a donor card

Write your own name, and the name and phone numbers of two people closest to you in life.
Choose if you want to have your card in your wallet or on your mobile phone:

On your mobile phone

Download the donor card app to your smart phone

Print out at home

Print out the donor card yourself and put it in your wallet or bag.

Print out a donor card

At a Doctor surgery or Pharmacy

You can also find the donor card at your doctor surgery and pharmacy, in the brochure Organ donation saves lives

Thank you!

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