2017 breakdown in numbers:

  • 112 donations were carried out (deceased donors)
  • 463 patients received an organ
  • 78% positive answers
  • 436 organs transplanted (deceased donors)
  • 77 living donations (kidney)
  • 12005 organs transplanted in Norway since 1969
  • 437 people on the waiting list for a new organ (as per 31.12.2015)

Here you can find the figures for 2017 from OUS Rikshospitalet

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Number of donations and waiting lists for years 2008-2017

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Total amount of organ transplants carried out at OUS Rikshospitalet 1969-2017

Organ transplantation in Norway 2016 and 2017

Organ donation from the deceased donors in Norway from 1997 to 2017

Number of donations from deceased donors in different countries 2016 (PMI)

Number of patients on the waiting list as of 31.12 in 2008-2017

Refusal percentage of the last ten years


Source all figures: OUS Rikshospitalet  |  Comments / Graphics: The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation