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We want to thank the press for the excellent coverage that organ donation and transplantation has received. This is the topic that engages the population and enquiries have increased. All those who contact us are positive and pleased that this issue is discussed.

Publication of time

We must point out the importance of not stating the exact time of a donation or a transplant when it is presented in stories, from transplanted patients and relatives to deceased donors. This could cause the donor and recipient to link one another to the donation, which is not desirable. Rarely does any good come out of such a link, and we have seen several examples where this has been the case in other countries. Often the motivation for contact by the recipient and giver is different. The recipient may thank the giver then go on with their new lives, while the family of the giver may want to build a lifelong relationship with the recipient as a consolation for their loss.

We urge you to respect this for the sake of both patients and relatives. Please contact us for more information.

Fact box

Our experience is that many are left with questions about organ donation and how to be a donor after reading articles on the topic. We have made a small fact box with the ten most common questions as well as information on how to become donor, which can be freely used as information about organ donation. Download the box here (Norwegian text)

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