2016 breakdown in numbers:

  • 107 donations were carried out (deceased donors)
  • 47 living donations (kidney)
  • 357 organs transplanted
  • 448 people on the waiting list for a new organ (as per 31.12.2015)
  • 33 people died whilst on the waiting list
  • 70% positive answers
  • 11,492 organs transplanted in Norway since 1969

Here you can find the figures for Q1, Q2 & Q3 2017 from OUS Rikshospitalet

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Number of donations and waiting lists for years 2007-2016

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Total amount of organ transplants carried out at OUS Rikshospitalet 1969-2016

Organ transplantation in Norway 2015 and 2016

A modest decline in most organs. Also kidneys, where there is a decline from both dead and living donors. Although many kidneys patients can be treated on dialysis while they are on the organ waiting list, it is a great personal strain and an economic challenge. Organ transplants are, as a rule, usually the best treatment.

Organ donation from the deceased donors in Norway from 1996 to 2016

After a marked increased in the number of donations, after the TV2 series “Life on hold”, we are now back to ‘normal’ figures. 2011/2012 shows that the potential is huge but that organ donation is something that must be communicated continuously and wide to the population.

Number of donations from deceased donors in different countries 2014 (PMI)

Norwegian donor rates are relatively high. We are a good distance ahead of other Scandinavian countries. Spain is still on top. Here, much attention on information work and training and increased capacity in health care.

Number of patients on the waiting list as of 31.12 in 2007-2016

Norway has among the shortest waiting times in the world. Yet waiting lists have never been as long as they were in 2016. The waiting list for kidneys especially, is increasing. This is partly related to the increased of diabetes in the population.

Refusal percentage of the last ten years

Percentage of next-of-kin people who said no on behalf of the deceased in cases when organ donation was applicable. Almost 1 of 3 said no in 2016.


Source all figures: OUS Rikshospitalet  |  Comments / Graphics: The Norwegian Foundation for Organ Donation